A mix of spray and acrylic paint on canvas. 2020


Housed in a reclaimed oak floating frame finished in Danish oil made by Dom in his workshop.


External frame dimensions are roughly 650 x 650mm with a depth of 65mm.

Weighs less than 2kg.


Original artwork by Dom Foff, signed on the front and back with its title and year.




This series started as a happy accident; Dom was testing some acrylic washes, thicker acrylic applied with a cake icing scraper, and spray paint on a canvas when the colours started talking to each other and he wanted to encourage the discussion.

The gestures, applied with a pallet knife, promote the suspended movement in the work which both aligns and defies our visual cues of physics for a dissonate yet harmonic expression of compositional painting.

Turquoise On The Right


    build. make. create.


    © 2020 Dominic Foffani