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Dom Foff is an artist, maker and designer working on Bidjigal land.

Constantly exploring and experimenting with painting, drawing, sculpture, woodworking, and writing, Dom is building a broad body of work that hopes to bring joy, curiosity, and reflection.

He has a keen emphasis on the potential (and often absurd) histories and relationships of seemingly inconsequential objects allowing process and play to drive the investigation of a particular project.

After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting and Drawing) from The College of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) from UNSW - as well as a cheeky Cert. IV in Small Business Management - he worked in theatre and events in design and production as a maker, builder, and production manager helping create some of the seen (and unseen!) magic of those industries.

Having developed extensive experience in a plethora of materials, functional design, and processes, Dom has returned to a studio/workshop setting where he likes to build, make, create,  repair, and innovate with a broad range of new, recycled, and reclaimed materials.

        As a painter, he wants to dive deeply into the roles of the

 basic elements of artmaking -  line, shape, color, texture, composition - and how they all can play together.

Follow him on Instagram to stay up to date with what he's working on, what he's eating and the occasional short book review.

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