Dom Foff is a Sydney based maker and artist.

Currently exploring and experimenting with painting, drawing and small sculptures focusing on gesture, form and composition, Dom is building a broad body of work that hopes to bring joy, excitement and reflection.

He has a keen emphasis on the potential (and often absurd) histories of seemingly inconsequential objects and the relationships between materials, allowing the material itself to drive the investigation of a particular work.

After completing a Bachelors of Fine Art (Painting and Drawing) from The College of Fine Arts in 2016, Dom was working in theatrical and event design and production as a maker and builder.

Having been in that world of mark making with extensive experience in a plethora of materials, functional design and processes, Dom has returned to a studio setting in mid-2020. He also keeps a workshop where he likes to build, repair, and innovate with a broad range of new, recycled, and reclaimed materials

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build. make. create.


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