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Do you do commissions?

Absolutely! Dom enjoys maintaining a broad range of skillsets in all different kinds of materials and revels in challenging himself as a designer, artist and maker. Please send him a message on the contact page so you can communicate your wonderful vision.

What if I want an item that is sold out?

If something you like is sold out, send Dom a message on the contact page about the item you'd like and he can see about making it for you.

What is your refund/return policy?
All sales are final so please select carefully. Any returns, exchanges or refunds will be at Dom's discretion. It will be your responsibility to send back undamaged goods in their original condition at your own expense in that event. Please message Dom on the contact page if the product arrives damaged from shipping or to arrange a potential return.

Will the item look exactly like the photo?

Effort is made to photograph each item to show it's idiosyncracies, however, every item is handmade by Dom in his painting studio in Redfern or his workshop in Eastlakes (usually both!) so there will be slight variations in finish, colour and aesthetic imperfections. These variations are intentional, often stylistic, and are a reflection of the material and genuine nature of mark-making, be that in a drawing, application and subsequent removal of materials, or deliberate textural inconsistencies in sculptures.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Dom is based in Sydney, Australia, but is happy seeing his work all over the place. Please message him on the contact page to coordinate international shipping and he can organise a shipping quote for you.

How can I pay for my order?
Please send Dom a message on the contact page if you wish to pay via bank transfer or another method.

Can you frame a drawing for me?

Generally, no. This is because framing drawings can sometimes be a delicate and tedious process not only to execute but also to ship. On the rare occassion an original will come already framed for various reasons. Moreso, Dom would prefer to spend his energy studying and making art, but he is happy to discuss your options for framing drawings (and paintings), please send Dom a message on the contact page.

When can I expect my order?

Some items are made to order and can be delayed depending on material availability and Dom's own personal and professional schedule. If an item needs to be made from scratch, please allow up to 7 business days to finish before it is ready for shipping - effort will be made to minimise this lead-time if possible. Shipping will be 2 - 7 business days. If you require an order express or by a certain date, please send Dom a message on the contact page to arrange.

What's the deal with shipping?
There are four options for shipping.
1. Standard flat rate shipping within Australia for $10.
2. Free shipping within Australia for orders over $200. This is automatically applied at the checkout.

3. Free local pick up if you are based in the Eastern suburbs/metro area of Sydney. Occassionally Dom can deliver an order himself to the surrounding Sydney area, but if you're unsure, please send Dom a message on the contact page to clarify. If you proceed with this option at the checkout and Dom determines that it is not practical to do so, your order will be refunded and you will be asked to select the flat rate shipping option.

4. International shipping on request. Please message Dom on the contact page to coordinate international shipping and he can organise a shipping quote for you.

Why did you choose yellow for your branding?
Dom has 3 brothers and they grew up real close in age, so his genius parents designated a colour to each of them when they were young: red, blue, green and yellow. They gave each of them their own set of plates, cups, utensils, lunch boxes, etc. in their respective colour. They made sure that this system was followed because if something was out of place or not washed up properly they'd know whose it was by the colour - and the owner would usually get an encouraging smack on the hand with the wooden spoon. Dom's colour was yellow and his things were usually in their place and washed up properly - though he does have an odd relationship with wooden spoons, especially now as he whittles them himself, he makes sure they are able to assist parents in encouraging their children to be courteous, considerate and follow simple instructions.

What's your Privacy Policy?

When you conduct a transaction on this website, as part of the process, personal information you give such as your name, address and email address is collected. Your personal information will be used for this specific process only and will not be shared with other parties.

How do you protect the item when shipping?

Thanks for asking! Dom tries his best to re-use cardboard packaging and recycled materials for packing and shipping. Drawings are sent flat (when possible) with a cardboard backer to keep the drawing rigid in transit and an acid-free piece of paper is placed in front to protect the presentation face of the work. This is then placed in a tough envelope. Paintings are given cardboard corner pads and covered in bubble wrap then shipped inside a cardboard box. Sculptures will have various containers (generally of reclaimed cardboard packaging) to hold all elements where they should sit during transit to reduce the risk of damage. Instructions for opening the package will be included if necessary as there can be a good deal of origami involved.

These are not the droids (answers) you're looking for? Send Dom a message on the contact page and he'll get back to you as soon as he can.

Thanks for reading!

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