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Ink markers on 225gsm acid free paper. 297 x 420mm


The Wrinkle Series  investigates the forms and gestures of the face and head in a single line.

Original artwork by Dom Foff, signed on the front and back with its title and year.


Framed in a black 400 x 500mm Ribbo from IKEA included in the purchase of this item.




50% of this sale will be donated to the Black Dog Institute to help them continue their support of people with and research into mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. The donation confirmation will be included in your package.

When Dom first started working on The Wrinkle Series, he started with capturing simplified face structures in a single line or gesture and proceeded to overlay them on top of each other creating a noisy image which resembles a mess of lines from afar and presents the subject of faces only on closer inspection. This reminded him of a stacked crowd analogous of the anxieties around feeling claustrophobic, suffocated and overwhelmed with existential insecurities. 

He wanted to provide a rudimentary reproduction of those feelings of uncertainty with a moment of respite. As Dom has been fortunate enough to find that kind of respite in the act of drawing for himself, he wanted to draw an option into some of his work for others to find a similar moment of respite. A moment that might help bring clarity, comfort or just make sense of a world of chaos just a teeny tiny bit - and that might be enough today.

This WIll Be Okay A3.1 (50% of sale to The Black Dog Institute)

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