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Original artwork by Dom Foff completed in July 2020


I will donate all sale revenue evenly split between  the Aboriginal Legal Service and The National Justice Project - You will receive the donation receipt with your order.


Bla(c)k Lives Matter.





22cm H x 29cm W x 8cm D






Timber (oak, meranti), brown glass, cotton, paper, twin


Artist Statement

Building a ship in a bottle has historically been a pastime and hobby for sailors on long voyages of trade, exploration, and colonisation.


I wish to offer a retrospective on our contemporary post-colonial history and the framework that supports the writing of such histories that often favour a tidy view through a clean rectangular box and a clear unobstructed window into the past.


By skewing the visibility of the subject matter by using a darker lens than what is typical, I am encouraging the rounding over the edges of the frame to consider the peripheral and recontextualised margins of our collective past as contemporary Australians.


As the relationship between the materials is based on restriction, containment, and notions of viewing, I am asking the viewer to seek the stories of those with less visibility in their own story, of marginalised voices - voices of the other in history, people of colour, and the indigenous community.




Thanks to Joel Foffani Creative for the photos.

Low Visibility

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