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Toolbox No. 3


Reclaimed timber, glue, hand driven nails and 6 clocked stainless panhead screws.

External dimensions roughly 440 L x 210 W x 205mm H

Internal dimensions roughly 400 L x 180 W x 185mm H (to underside of handle)
Weight roughly 2.5kg.

Originally made my Dom in 2018 when he was just starting to get serious into woodworking and building a workshop.

They've been sitting in the garage for this time eager for use. Dom has since given them another sand and coat of oil.

Please note that as this item is made from reclaimed timber (and by a young woodworker's hand) there are pencil marks, scratches, material inconsitencies and a general 'rustic' feel, but 2020 Dom can assure you that the strength of the tool box is outstanding.

Dom still uses (and abuses) one of these he made in 2018 as his every day toolbox and it can carry a serious amount of tools and a serious amount of weight.


Not on the sale as it's already priced to find a good home.

Toolbox No. 3

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